Through our Community Programs, the Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center (PIRC) serves the most vulnerable immigrants living in our community.  PIRC’s primary focus in the Community Programs is the provision of legal services to immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other serious crimes.  PIRC serves as a resource to community partners on Language Access policies and practices.

Immigrant Survivors Project

PIRC, through the Immigrant Survivors Project (formerly known as the Central Pennsylvania Immigration Project, or CPIP)  provides legal services to immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other violent crime.  The Immigrant Survivors Project provides holistic legal services to this immigrant victim population through an innovative model of service delivery in a nine county region.

Through advocacy and the provision of legal services, the Immigrant Survivors Project (ISP) protects and works to eliminate a class of persons within the United States who are routinely victimized by criminal and violent elements, but who previously had no recourse or access to protection under our laws.The services and successes of ISP enable immigrant victims of violence to live without fear, contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community, and build a future of hope for themselves and their children.

  • Victims of Domestic Violence
    Recognizing that persons subjected to physical, emotional or sexual abuse by their spouse or parent should not have to endure such abuse out of fear of losing their immigration status, ISP offers legal assistance and direct representation to immigrant victims of domestic violence through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Many victims are held hostage in a cycle of abuse by their U.S. citizen or legal permanent family member at the threat of being deported or permanently separated from their children. VAWA allows immigrant victims of domestic violence to self-petition to obtain and preserve their legal status in the United States, independent of their abuser. ISP educates indigent victims of domestic violence about their rights under VAWA, and then provides direct assistance or legal representation to access those protections within our legal system.
  • Victims of Sexual Assault and other Serious Crime
    Expanding on their advocacy for immigrant victims of crime, ISP offers legal assistance to immigrant victims of serious crime through the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (TVPA). The TVPA offers protection to victims of serious crime through the granting of temporary visas – the T visa and the U visa. T visas offer protection to victims of human trafficking who are brought to the U. S. through force, fraud or coercion. U visas are available to foreign nationals who are victims of serious crimes, and who cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the investigation or prosecution of crimes. Both visas require the victim to cooperate and aid law enforcement in reporting, investigating or prosecuting the criminal perpetrator. These visas not only provide an avenue of safety and dignity for immigrant victims of serious crimes, but they serve to make our communities safer by prosecuting and holding criminals accountable for their violent acts.

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