Thank you for  providing access to justice for vulnerable immigrants through legal services, education, and advocacy!

Give hope to immigrants.

Please help provide vital legal assistance to vulnerable immigrants at risk of detention or deportation and in our community. Your generosity can create a new life for an immigrant. 


Any amount helps PIRC provide valuable services to vulnerable immigrants, but here are a few examples so you know how we could use your gift:


$50 ($4/month)

covers material costs for one substantive legal workshop for a group of 20-30 detained immigrants.

$75-100 ($6-8/month)

translate a birth certificate or similar document into English 

$100-150 ($8-13/month)

pays for one hour of interpretation costs so that a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault can tell her/his story


$600 ($50/month)

pays for one mandatory medical exam for a refugee or survivor of violence – this helps indigent immigrants who have the right to apply for legal permanent residence (a “green card”) but can’t afford the medical fees


$1,000-1,500 ($83-125/month)

 pays for one expert’s fees in support of a client’s case – often more than one expert is needed in a case


Each Month

you can show your continuing support for immigrants by becoming a sustaining donor. Use automatic bill pay via your bank account or credit card and donate a little from each paycheck or once a month.


PIRC wishes to thank the following organizations for their generosity. Their support helps PIRC continue providing legal advocacy and services to vulnerable immigrants in our community and in detention!